How to Promote Strong Office Teams

imgresWhen running an office in today’s collaborative work environment, a major consideration is how well your employees can work together as a team.  Optimum performance and productivity depend on solid bonds between your employees, both in and out of the office.

The office team that plays together, stays together – to make sure your team stays together, organize outings that will inspire friendships and team bonds in your office that will carry over into strong working collaborations.

1.  Once every few weeks, rally the troops to blow off steam together outside of work.  Whether it’s something like an office bowling night or competing in the weekly trivia contest at a local bar, being together outside of work will bring everyone together.  To accommodate people’s busy schedules, aim for a weeknight when everyone could head out together after work.  The regular opportunity to talk shop and get to know each other better will make for smoother workings in the office environment.

2.  Food is the great equalizer, and as cliche as it might seem, hosting a company picnic is a great way to emphasize the casual in business casual.  Late spring and late summer both provide the perfect weather for a cookout, so consider scheduling picnics for Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in September.

3.  Contributing to charity as an office-wide cause is another way to rally your team together.  It’s easy enough to shoot everyone an email about an upcoming food or clothing drive, and together they will feel good about making a difference one way or another.  Invite suggestions in case any of your employees have a particular charity in mind that is important to them.

Fostering a strong environment of teamwork is important to the productivity of any business today, so by taking the time to encourage intra-office friendships, you will be taking steps toward company success.


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