Plants to Improve the Office Mood

When decorating a professional space, there are many things to consider if you goal is to create a work atmosphere that will successfully harbor creativity while also keeping morale high.  Facilitating a successful office design project is a full time job, which is why many office managers choose to hire the professionals to plan and furnish their office space.  You might be best off letting the professionals handle the major steps in your move, but there are some steps you can take on your own to make your office space feel like home.

The cherry on top of an already delicious office design often comes in the form of a potted plant.  Much like the way natural sunlight boosts morale in the workplace, bringing some green into the equation can also help keep spirits up.  Desk plants look nice and often smell nice, and their whole purpose in life is to freshen the air we breathe.

Interested? Here are just a few perfect plants to perk up your office:

Pothos – A beautiful flowering vine, pothos is perfect for desktop spaces. Like all vines, pothos plants are opportunistic with available space; while they will take over if you let them, these plants are easy enough to trim down to just the right size to fit even the smallest work area.  Best of all, pothos are super low maintenance, so you don’t have to cancel a vacation or a business trip for fear of killing the little guy.

Palm plants – A bit big for the average cubicle, the large fronds of most species of palms are best suited for larger offices, break rooms, dining areas, and conference rooms.  Because some palms can grow leaves up to 6 feet high, these will do best planted in floor-standing pots rather than desktop.  However, the large leafy surface area of palms make them an ideal choice for filtering the air within your office.

Peace lilies – Another great choice of flowering plant for the office, peace lilies display lovely budding flowers without much fuss at all.  If your workspace is a ways from the nearest window, peace lilies are a perfect choice since they thrive under artificial lighting.  And of course, these pleasant flowering desktop plants only need watering about once a week.

There’s a reason why we as a culture give flowers as gifts – they make people happy!While a modern floor plan, unique furniture, and progressive color schemes might be the cornerstones of a well-designed work environment, bringing some plant life into the office can also bring a lot to the table in terms of overall office mood.


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