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When you’ve outgrown your current space or need to move, OSP can assist you from the start. As you consider new locations, call us to go on-site with you to evaluate a single space or compare the spaces you’re considering based on your needs.


If you’re thinking about office space reconfiguration to avoid leasing additional space or moving, give us a call! We’ll provide information on the maximum number of work spaces for your existing office, and work with existing or new furniture.

Ergonomic Work Stations

To achieve a high-quality work environment, comfort is essential. Work station adjustability and suitability based on the person’s tasks can make a huge difference in their comfort and satisfaction. Placement of computer monitors, keyboards, and telephones, along with items such as ergonomic keyboards, phone headsets, wrist rests and others will result in fewer work-related injuries and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Large or Small

Whether you’re planning a few work stations or multiple floors within a building, our office space planning services can save you time, money and headaches!

Unique Storage and Equipment Areas

No matter what your need, OSP can provide office space planning services for tackling your tough storage and equipment needs. Our varied experiences provide us with a wide knowledge base in finding effective solutions for businesses.

Optimize Office Space and Traffic Flow

OSP’s knowledge of various furniture systems can help you make the most of your office space reconfiguration. We can also improve the traffic flow within your office for both customers and employees.