Moving Your Office: DIY is a DON'T

AISIt’s finally happened; your business has finally outgrown its walls.  Though you might have some degree of emotional attachment to the office space that you’ve called home since the day you opened your doors way back when, it is inevitably time to move on up to bigger and better things.  You may be determined to handle it yourself, but moving can be quite the project, particularly on top of handling the day to day affairs of your growing business in the meantime.

Some systems furniture dealers may be able to assist you with part of your space planning needs. Or you may have a computer design program and think you will just design it yourself. In some cases, that may work just fine.  In most cases, however, knowledge and experience will end up saving you both time and money.  If you are thinking about embarking on a DIY office move and redesign, take a minute to ask yourself if you would be better off doing it yourself.

The truth is in the details; the often tiny, nitty gritty details that can easily slip through the cracks if you’re not careful.  If you’ve outgrown your old office space, then you are big enough (literally) to ask for help with managing your move.

Putting your work on hold to try to coordinate the ins and outs of moving to a new space is bad for business, particularly during a time of rapid growth.  You do what you do best, and let OSP do what we do best, coordinate every detail of planning your new office space.  We are even available to consult with you as you decide on the perfect space to be the perfect new home for your business.

At Office Space Planners, our services are available whenever you are ready to relocate or reconfigure your office, whether your operation is large or small.  Stay focused on what’s important and enlist the help of professional planners to make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

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