Attracting Top Talent With Smart Office Design

As a businessperson, you understand that your company is only as successful as its employees.  But good help can be hard to find these days, even with so many job candidates on the market.  Even if you do find the perfect candidate to fill the vacant position at your firm, you can bet that person is getting employment offers from nearby competitors as well.  With all the hot talent out there ripe for recruiting, how will you rein them in?

When enticing any potential job candidates, it can’t hurt to give potential hires a tour of a state-of-the-art facility that truly represents your company’s mission.  While there isn’t one right way to do this, most things fall under one main category – the most appealing work spaces are modern work spaces.

Bike racks at the office are a must when appealing to the modern culture of today’s working world.  Particularly if your business is located in the heart of downtown, you can bet you have some employees that would appreciate a place to lock their bike after cycling to work.  Bike commuting is as trendy as it is environmentally responsible, and if your office provides the means for safe bike storage, creative, energy-conscious candidates looking for hire will certainly take notice.

Good food is another major consideration for in-demand hirees.  Nothing tells more about workplace culture than the food, and when trying to attract new team members, an appealing dining service on site is a must. Equally as important as a culinarily perfected menu is the design and feel of your office café and break room – no one will be wowed by a dull, drab cafeteria, so go the extra mile and give yours a makeover.

Allowing for flexible work schedules is another big winner.  Not all forty-hour weeks are created equal, and different people are more productive at different times of day and on different days of the week.  If applicable in your line of work, consider offering work-from-home options for your salaried employees, or allowing workers to choose whether they would rather work 8am-4pm or 9:30am-5:30pm everyday, or some combination of different start/end times and work-from-home days.  Flexibility like that will not go unnoticed among potential hires.

When you consider a candidate for a vacant position at your place of work, it’s about more than just what’s on the résumé – you want to be sure you are choosing the right person to join the team.  Similarly, job seekers are in the market for an appealing office culture as much as they are for rewarding career in their field.  Find that balance for your business with custom office design and planning solutions from OSP.


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