Office Planning: Choosing the Right Ergonomic Chair

images“Ergonomics” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the office workplace today. As office work has shown that it can take a toll on people over time—repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome being worst-case scenarios—office workers have sought to find ways to reduce strain on their bodies. It is important to be comfortable and keep good posture while working. Chairs thus fill an important role in the office, especially in ergonomics—desk chairs play a major role in the comfort and ergonomic well-being of employees. Here is a guide to choosing the best desk chairs for your office.

If you are looking for maximum ergonomic benefit, you will want an office chair with high-quality attention to the following five things: adjustable seat height, adequate seat with and depth, lumbar support, a backrest, and seat material. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of each:

*Seat height: an adjustable chair will work wonders. Not only are these chairs adaptable to use by different employees, but individual employees often want to adjust their posture during the course of long work days. An adjustable seat height caters to this.

*Seat width and depth: make sure that the seat is at least seventeen inches long and wide—this is a sign of a well-designed chair. The backs of employees’ knees should be able to have two to four inches of breathing room from the edge of the chair seat.

*Lumbar support: your lower back is one of the areas of your body most prone to wear and tear while sitting. The lumbar spine curves inward, and if the lumbar is not support properly for long perioods of time, your lower spine may suffer for it. An ideal ergonomic chair will have adjustable lumbar support to properly suit the curve of its user’s back.

*Backrest: An ideal backrest is at least fifteen inches wide, and should come attached to the chair. The seat back should be adjustable both in forward and backward angles, and should have a locking mechanism when adjusting.

*Seat material. The seat cushion and back should both be comfortably padded. Remember, employees will sit on these chairs for several hours on end, so they must remain comfortable!

It is important to have a comfortable office that is conducive to productivity for its employees. Office Space Planners understands this, and is ready to help make your current or new office an ergonomic home for your company. Find out more today!

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