Flexible Office Spaces on Rise

Like any other field, office design is prone to changes in fashion. However, office space design fashion is never haphazard or random—certain functions and features of office simply are recognized for their virtues at varying points of time. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular trends in office space design, flex space:

-Flexible office space or flex space is characterized by office space which is normally converted from warehouse space. A flex space office typically is one story with fourteen-foot-high ceilings, and is located in a building with high capacity to meet power and air conditioning demands.

-This form of office has come into popularity both as a result of a high rate of vacant buildings in need of repurposing, and as a result of offices seeking more modern office arrangements.

For the right type of company, the warehouse arrangement is an ideal fit. Grant Bryson, president of flex office space-based prison pharmaceutical supplier Secure Pharmacy Plus, is appreciative of his office space. “We have about 40,000 square feet,” Bryson explains. “Of that, 8,000 is front office and the balance is pharmacy and office space where pharmacists and data entry staff work. Security is a big issue for us. An area like this allows us to be anonymous while also accommodating our need for loading dock space.”

-The large floor plans offered by flex spaces appeal to many forward-thinking companies who wish to personalize their work environments. Q2 Chief Technology officer Adam Anderson, based in Austin, Texas, wanted an office space that would allow several departments to communicate freely with one another. “You get a real sense of a company that’s in and about Austin that meets employees’ needs instead of the company’s,” Anderson explained.

-Many flex office spaces have “tenant-driven” layouts, whereby each suite of an office is designed and built with respect to its specific needs and uses. Architect Clay Little believes that flex space is emblematic of a shift in how co-workers communicate in many modern companies. “A lot of these newer companies are much more communicative to their employees than ever before,” Little said. “They constantly seem to be changing how they work; it’s very dynamic. Architecture has to respond to that.”

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