Home Office Setup Tips: Separate Work and Home

imgresAs the potential to communicate and accomplish work over the Internet has increased, so has the market for work-at-home jobs. The prospect is appealing to both employers and employees—the former get to hire employees who can work from a far-away location and do not have to pay office rent, while the latter acquire a degree of freedom from a physical workplace and avoid any commute to work. What could be better?

However, it is easy for unscrupulous telecommuters to slip into bad work habits. One of the most common pieces of advice given to those working from home is to separate one’s home and office space—here are some pointers on why this is important:

-Separate home and office space is linked to increased productivity. A self-contained office space, including a desk that is separate from one’s living and entertainment space, allows a worker to set up a sort of work “cell” within which to operate. Adding personal touches to this space can be helpful—after all, it is close to home!

-Comfort. Office work can be taxing on a worker’s nerves and body over an eight-hour workday. An office setup within a home should feature a chair and lighting more ergonomically inclined than those found elsewhere in the home—you deserve the best safety and comfort while working! A good chair and a natural light lamp are good places to start.

-Instills discipline. The trappings of a home can be distracting to the work-from-home employee. Keeping an office environment distinct from the rest of the home can help promote a better work ethic. One of the largest challenges of working from home is staying on task and being one’s own taskmaster. Ask any work-from-home employee—such as the author of this blog! Discipline is mandatory, and an office territory helps eliminate temptation by defining a certain area as “work space.”

-Reduce the risk of stress and injury. This goes hand in hand with maintaining a comfortable environment, but there is a bit more to it. When sitting in the same space for a full work day, many comforts and safety measures are necessary to prevent the risk of repetitive stress injury. Natural light, ergonomic equipment, and proper air circulation are crucial!

One savvy taskmaster can design a home office, but commercial office design is a job best left to the professionals. Office Space Planners is ready to assist with your office design and planning needs—learn more today!

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