COELUX Brings Natural Light to Windowless Rooms

Most of us are aware of the benefits of natural lighting in the office setting, both for productivity and overall team morale.  Studies have even linked greater exposure to natural light to to employee sleep patterns, activity level, and overall quality of life.

Since a happy employee is the best kind of employee, sunshine seems like the most logical choice of office lighting, but offices with a surplus of windows aren’t always easy to come by.

As a response to the growing lack of natural light in many inhabited spaces and industries, a new European Commision Research Project has set out to create an artificial skylight designed for use in a wide range of windowless settings.  Designed to itself resemble a window, the all new COELUX light re-creates the experience of natural lighting indoors.

While constant exposure to artificial lighting in a windowless environment can have adverse effects on mental health and mood, natural sunlight can improve overall happiness.  The innovative COELUX technology has succeeded in reproducing the effects of sunlight in a windowless room.  This breakthrough could revolutionize the way we illuminate our schools, hospitals, and offices spaces in the future.

Italian researcher and physicist Paolo Di Trapani has high hopes for the success of the new lighting solution after positive findings thus far:

“Evidence collected in the course of the project,” Trapani said, “has shown that even claustrophobic individuals feel happy and relaxed when exposed to COELUX light despite remaining in a windowless room of a few square metres for a sustained period of time.”

It is no secret that innovative office design solutions, including proper lighting, can make all the difference in the workplace.  It will be interesting to see how this new advancement in natural lighting simulation will change the way we illuminate our office spaces.


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