Ditching the Corner Office for an Open Office

synthenet-afterFor decades, the office ecosystem could be likened in many ways to a ladder; with each employee occupying his own rung, supporting the rungs below and reporting to the supervisor on the rung directly above him, working hard to climb higher up the ladder.

At the bottom of the ladder were the small, shared workspaces.  From there, an employee would work and work to climb to the top where an enormous corner office awaited, with a giant chair and a giant desk.

If this sounds archaic that’s because it is – these days, modern offices are centered around dynamic, cooperative workspaces that foster the easy exchange of ideas.  No matter who you are, or where you might be on the metaphorical “ladder,” you probably won’t get much accomplished in the way of creative new ideas if you spend too much of your time closed up in the corner office.

The collapse of the US economy forced many companies to downsize, in more ways than one.  As we sunk deeper into the Great Recession, employers had to cut manpower as well as overhead, with many even relocating to smaller office spaces to save on energy and lease costs.

Now, as business continues to improve and the hiring has begun again, many companies are finding innovative ways to fit more employees into tighter spaces.  Luckily, this comes at a time when open lines of communication and an open floor plan are the norm, enabling the close collaboration of work teams on all their latest projects.

The “corner office” concept has been completely revolutionized in modern companies in favor of the open office.  By saving money on the cost of office space, companies are able to spend more on hiring and enticing office design and furniture.  Thanks to the fair pricing of top design professionals like Office Space Planners, it is easier than ever to attract top talent with a state-of-the-art workspace and still save in the long run.

By creating an environment that facilitates collaborating and overall accessibility of ideas, you are sure to make inspire your team members to contribute to their project fully.  A creative design and layout of your office space will in turn facilitate the birth and exchange of creative solutions.


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