Making Use of Office Walls

mars-office-afterIf you are considering remodeling your office, you may already have a design plan in mind.  Having picked out the new desks and chairs and planned how it all will be arranged for optimized collaboration, you might feel like you’ve thought of everything.  While you might have a plan for what’s happening within the office walls, what about the walls themselves?

Whether you are making the most of limited space, or looking for innovative ideas to meet the needs of your team, don’t forget to consider the design potential of vacant wall space!

Project Ideas

When work teams gather together to pitch new ideas or share their latest developments, they’ll need a space to make their presentations seen and heard.  Conference rooms and group gathering places are central to this process, so you may want to rethink your video display approach.  If you’ve got a big blank wall, use that space as a projection surface for team presentations.  All it takes is a coat of paint to transform an otherwise empty into both an attractive and practical solution.

Paint it Black(board)

Another funky way to bring boring walls to life is to give them a coat of chalkboard paint.  It’s an inexpensive process that’s quick, easy, and a fun and creative way to share ideas and problem solve as a team.  Worried about a dusty mess?  Try whiteboard paint for use instead with dry-erase markers!  Just give the wall in question a few coats from floor to ceiling and voila!  Your newest visual aid will make your next brainstorming sessions larger than life!

Add Color

Beige never inspired anyone, and shades of gray and off-white aren’t exactly known for keeping people awake.  Spice things up in your new-and-improved office by giving the walls a splash of color.  To avoid tipping the color scales from boring to distracting, limit your palette to a few complementary shades that will create an organically enticing work atmosphere.

Make the most out of your office design project by improving upon both the space itself and its many partitions.  For all your remodeling needs, contact the professionals at Office Space Planners for a free quote.


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