Working Out Helps Out at Work

imgresExercise is good for you.  While this is not news, it is a fact that cannot be stressed enough.  You don’t have to be trying to shed pounds to benefit from a good sweat; a regular workout routine carries with it a long list of benefits for everyone, both mental and physical.  These benefits are sure to translate into success in the workplace.

More endorphins.  A good workout increases levels of endorphins in the blood, the chemical that makes us feel happy.  A positive attitude is contagious, and starting off your day on the right foot is the best way to have a productive day at work while making a great impression.

Less stress.  Along with boosting endorphins, pumping iron also lowers cortisol levels, helping to keep stress to a minimum and keep that edge at the office.  It goes without saying why less stress is best, so hit the gym and feel the difference when you’re at work.

Brain power.  By regulating blood chemical levels, working out will help you keep a clear mind on the job.  Some researchers even believe that exercise promotes brain cell growth and development, and according to Men’s Fitness, boosts decision-making, higher thinking, and learning capabilities.

Fewer missed work days.  A regular workout routine improves overall fitness while also promoting your day to day health.  If you wake up feeling great most mornings, you will likely miss work much less frequently for doctor’s appointments and sick days, allowing you to stay on top of your workload at the office.

Game face.  Working out makes you feel good and look good.  According to Business Insider, studies have shown that “attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, and are paid more than their less-attractive co-workers.”  Hitting the gym gives a look of radiance that will be sure to turn heads!

It might not seem like there enough hours in the day to get through your daily schedule as it is without adding a trip to the gym.  But any exercise is good exercise, even parking in the spot all the way at the far end of the office lot and walking the extra yardage.  Some companies even provide on campus workout facilities for their staff, or might pay for local gym memberships for their employees.  Any way you can do it, working out will surely help you out at work!


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