Snacks to Combat the Afternoon Blues

Rainbow-Snack-001We are all familiar with that feeling in the middle of the afternoon during the workday, right around 2:30pm, when we just can’t seem to keep on task.  Eyelids start to get heavy and minds start to wander, and it seems nearly impossible to get any work done around the office.  With several precious working hours left in the day still, how can you keep your team’s in the game when the fatigue sets in?

To help your employees beat p.m. drowsiness, keep your breakroom stocked with these refreshments to give them an afternoon jolt to finish out the day strong:

Fresh fruit.  An apple a day…gets you through the work day.  Fresh fruit is full of sugar – glucose (the good stuff) rather than sucrose (table sugar) – that can help rejuvenate workers, even in the afternoon.  Apples, bananas, oranges- any fruit that’s quick and easy to munch on makes a great break room staple.

Chocolate.  Stock that vending machine with the best kind of brain food: chocolate!  Not only will a chocolate bar give your team a much needed boost of caffeine and sugar, but nuts and chocolate are both chock full of antioxidants that are proven heighten focus and improve long term cognitive functioning.  Plus, chocolate is known morale booster!

Water.  Hydration is the secret to all the smooth workings of the human body, and H2O will help your team stay alert all day long.  If your office has a water fountain, you’re already on top of things – just be sure it’s always clean and in working order to encourage its frequent use.  Other team hydration options are stocking the break room fridge with bottled water, or even installing a water filter on the faucet on the sink.

Coffee.  A no-brainer – already a favorite remedy among the workforce, caffeine is a surefire way to find your perk.  A traditional coffee machine will do the trick, or you can add some variety with single cup brew systems, like a Keurig machine.

Sometimes late in the day, all your employees really need is a snack.  Even just getting up for the short walk to the break room for a sip of water can be enough to get the juices flowing again and power your team through the tail end of the work day.  Either way, don’t be down for the count when the after-lunch crash sets in – grab a healthy snack and stay on top of things!


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