What Do You Think About an Office with No Chairs At All?

New office design plans are working to decrease the sedentary nature of office work, both to improve employee productivity and health. One Dutch design studio is taking the new trend to the extreme. According to Gizmodo, RAAAF has created “The End of Sitting” office.

Gizmodo’s Sarah Zhang writes, “Instead of tables and chairs, the space is filled with sloping barriers for leaning. But if this all looks rather sparse and harsh, well, comfort is totally not the goal. ‘This could be softer, there’s no place for my coffee cup—there’s a thousand things that could be improved, but that’s not what this is about,’ Ronald Rietveld, a partner at RAAAF, tells Wired, ‘The most important thing for us is that it’s offering more activity and more productivity.’” Zhang goes on to question the effectiveness of this design, noting, “Desks, even cubicles for all their ugliness, allow us to stake a small piece of the corporate office for ourselves. It’s not chairs whose absence is the most startling in these photographs, but personal space.”

What do you think? Would you like to work in an office where you never sit? Do you think it would be a serious problem in terms of maintaining your personal space? Maybe this is the approach for you. Perhaps it’s not.

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