Office Design Has Come a Long Way and It’s Got Much Further to Go

World Best Office DesignEvery week, we see new ideas and innovations in the realm of office design. However, Life Hacker’s Libby Sander believes these innovations are showing us that we have more room for improvement than many might think. Her article, “Why Office Design Still Has A Long Way To Go,” explores this reality and why office design projects that pay close attention to detail are essential. At Office Space Planners, we understand this need for experienced consultation, which is why we have a team of expert designers and project managers to make sure you get the most out of your project.

Sander points to research to bolster her argument that office design still has a long way to go. She writes, “In spite of increasing images of attractive workplaces from many large Australian companies, many of today’s workplaces are not well-designed. Poor workplace design leads to increased conflict and stress, which reduces performance and leads to employees resigning. Workspace is the second largest overhead for most organisations and can influence productivity by up to 20%. This is why organisations are increasingly exploring ways of using the environment to support performance and innovation.”

One of the biggest effects of inadequate office design, writes Sander, is that employees have a much more difficult time trying to concentrate. Brie Dyas of the Huffington Post explores one aspect that could be affecting concentration in her article “Can’t Focus? Your Office Paint Color Might Be To Blame.” Dyas asserts that bold isn’t always better, especially when it comes to office paint color. She advocates for using soft, neutral colors. These softer colors can help people focus, as well as provide other benefits. According to Dyas, “There’s another benefit to being surrounded by soft neutrals: Less eyestrain. ‘For work spaces, neutrals and softer, more grayed hues are better for concentration and preventing eye fatigue,’ says Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams, via email.”

For someone going into his first office design or redesign, this might be a lot to grasp. Luckily, the experts at Office Space Planners have you covered. Our team has decades of combined experience and education in the areas of interior design, space planning, computer aided design, drafting, corporate office relocation management, project management, ergonomics and systems furniture. We provide a variety of services, including analysis, commercial space planning, project management, and move coordination. We even offer a free space planning checklist.

Whatever office design needs you may have, you can’t go wrong with Office Space Planners!

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