Renting Office Space by the Hour

With more workers on the go nowadays than ever before, it’s inevitable that an executive will find himself or herself in an unfamiliar city and needing to rendezvous with a new or potential client within the next couple of hours.

The exec wants to find a decent, though not exorbitantly priced, space to hold the meeting. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and even though many people would be understanding of the fact that you’re located in a strange metropolis and likely selected the best space available in which to meet, it wouldn’t take long before a client started noticing things. Like whether the giant board room you’re meeting in was chosen for its unspoken intimidation factor. Or whether that veritable closet of an office was all that your company could afford.

In other words, you need to be able to rent the right space for the right client for the right meeting at the right price.

As with much else, yes, there’s an app for that.

LiquidSpace lets people find the right meeting room, private office or co-working situation for that all-important client conversation. Users can rent by the hour or day, either booking ahead or on the fly, selecting from thousands of workspaces.

And the company behind the app doesn’t stop there. It’s on a greater mission to help everyone find the work space that’s best for them.

This includes assisting enterprise companies in using their existing workspaces more effectively, as well as helping those companies create more productive workspaces.

Customers pay only for what they use. There are no phone calls to make or contracts to sign. The app offers complete transparency in pricing; there are even some free meeting spaces available.

The app provides photos of the meeting spaces as well as real-time availability. You can also access directions and parking information to facilitate your trip to the office. And, if needed, a Member Services team can help you find you way to the perfect booking.

The whole process can be completed in three steps: Find a location where you want to meet or work, using pin drop locations on the on-screen map. Take a look at the spaces that are of interest, noting fees and amenities. And then book the space, using another screen on the app to check in and out of the actual space.


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