Brooklyn Now an Unlikely Office Space Haven

New York City is the business capital of the United States, and Manhattan has traditionally been the hub of all things big about New York. Big companies, big stars, big restaurants, big dreams. But Manhattan may be facing some intra-city competition for control of the region’s business sector. More and more New York-based businesses are opting to plant their headquarters in the nearby borough of Brooklyn.

According to real estate experts, more and more Brooklyn business owners and employees want to work near home in order to create better work-life balance. In response to this demand, developers are eyeing the densely populated borough’s booming neighborhoods for chances to build hip new office spaces for up-and-coming companies. Younger parents who want to stay close to home form a large part of that demographic, according to Chris Havens, commercial director of

Office jobs in Brooklyn are indeed on the rise. According to Heidi Lerner, chief economist with Savills Studley, Brooklyn office jobs grew by nearly 6 percent in 2013. That’s 4500 new jobs for the borough—a sharp rise that figures to inspire demand for more office spaces.

According to Capital Transactions Group’s Will Silverman, the rise in office space in Brooklyn is “the last piece of the puzzle.” Silverman noted, “We love living here and dining here and raising our kids here. So why aren’t we building our offices here?”

A fitting symbol of the change of the guard may be art and design work space 3rd Ward’s giant Brooklyn warehouse. This 3rd Ward warehouse closed last fall due to financial troubles, and the artistic community it housed scattered while the warehouse remained vacant. But now, online live video provider Livestream is in the process of having the warehouse refurbished, in preparations to resurrect the 3rd ward with a bit of Livestream’s touch.

Fittingly, 3rd Ward is a Manhattan-bred start-up. And they’re doing more than just moving to the 3rd Ward warehouse—they plan to employ many former 3rd Ward teachers in instructional roles at the new incarnation of the facility, and hold conferences and other events there as well. And, naturally, everything taking place there will be Livestreamed!

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