Perfecting the Work Environment With Office Space Planners

Success in business depends on a company’s effort, hard work, and determination. More specifically, a company’s productivity is driven by the performance of its employees. The environment where they work is an important factor in motivating them to perform at their full potential.

Office Space PlannerA beautifully designed office space instills a sense of pride and prestige among the employees. Office Space Planners offers services that are dedicated to creating quality work environments. We provide comprehensive services to accompany you in every step of the way in designing your office.

Through our free phone consultations, your project will be discussed in detail before proceeding with a proposal along with a quotation. And don’t worry, we make sure that there are no hidden fees. If, however, certain project changes were made, these will be documented and presented to you for your approval.

Aside from these, it is our project managers’ job to coordinate with the key persons related to the project such as equipment suppliers, engineers, leasing agents, electricians, and building contractors. We will also make sure that the renovations done to your office space meet the necessary building codes and legal permits.

Our services are catered to whatever type of project you need:

Current Office Space

If you’re not sure what to do with your current work environment, whether you’re thinking of relocating or renovating, give us a call and our experts will lay out the best possible options for you. We will consider every detail in your current office. This includes equipment inventory, storage and filing needs, overall office appearance, and ergonomic considerations.

We also provide an analysis of your office furniture. Forget about the cramped cubicles, uncomfortable chairs, and eye-sore walls. We offer a wide range of modular office furniture to maximize your work space.

New Office Space

If you’re having a tough time choosing between which vacant space you want for your new office, we will give you a hand to come up with the best possible decision. We won’t just ask for pictures of the potential work space but instead, we will meet you in the actual locations to conduct an in-depth analysis of the facilities.

Part of our assessment will include electrical wirings, carpet layout, telephone line connections, furniture arrangement, lighting system, and overall structural assessment. We will then draft illustrations using AutoCad to give you a comprehensive view of your chosen work space.

Office Relocation

Moving to a new office space can be stressful for most people. It involves a lot of careful planning to make sure that no office equipment is damaged, important files and documents are stored properly, and most importantly, the employees are able to report for work as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Office Space Planners is here to do all of that for you. Our project managers will be responsible for supervising every step of the moving process. This includes handling the relocation schedule, packing and organizing all office furniture, documents, and equipment, cable installation in your new office space, and coordinating with contractors.

To give you an idea of our company’s impeccable service, check out the before-and-after photos of our various projects.

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