Big Screens Make a Big Difference

One topic that gets loads of attention in the business world is how to maximize employee productivity.  Of these hundreds of different contributing factors, scientists have studied in depth the effect of computer screen size on work output.  It turns out there are some truly compelling reasons why bigger screens are better for getting work done.

The Study

In a University of Utah study, out of a wide range of computer monitor setups, a 24-inch widescreen display was found to be the most conducive to high productivity when compared to a standard 18-inch display.  While a dual screen option was preferable in some work environments, the smaller screen ranked the least effective for productivity overall.

lcd_monitor_black_white_line_art_coloring_book_colouring-1331pxWhy Larger is Better

The larger the display, the more information an employee has access too at a time.  With editing work, for example, it is be useful to be able to view an original draft alongside the copy being edited in order to make the bet revisions.  With spreadsheet and data entry work, the less scrolling around the better – making a big screen more effective overall for output.

This study concluded that increasing standard computer screen size by 6 inches translates to a savings of $8,600, or 76 work days annually per employee.  Need we say more?

Making Way for Big Displays

When making the switch to larger computer monitors, it is important to avoid a newly cluttered workspace as a result.  A cramped and cluttered desk environment can be stressful, hindering productivity.

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