Happy employees make a happy workplace. When designing your workplace, it is important consider the health and wellbeing of your worker bees, thus improving workplace morale and avoiding excessive work absences.

A Comfortable Office Space

To make your employees feel at home when they come to work, be sure to design your office space with comfort in mind. This includes everything from desk orientation to chair design to phone placement. The key to ergonomic success is in the details when it comes to your company’s workspace.

Global Seating

AISOffice Space Planners has solutions for your maximum comfort of your employees, starting with ergonomic seating options. The G20 desk chair bridges form and function, coupling state of the art spine support with sleek and attractive design. The design will help prevent employee injury and improve the atmosphere of the office work space.

Office Accessories

Items such as computer screens, keyboards, and telephones often slip through the cracks when designing an office space. Specializing in detailed and ergonomic office design, OSP will get you set up with the necessary equipment – such as phone headsets, keyboards, and wrist rests – to ensure the highest degree of safety and comfort.

Count on the Experts

This may seem like a lot to consider, and this brief list only scratches the surface of office ergonomics! If you are worried you might miss a detail, fear not – Office Space Planners are experienced in designing customized and comfortable work spaces to meet your unique needs! Let us worry about the design details so you can focus on the big picture!

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