Office Lighting and Productivity

No two offices are alike – each individual workplace is unique, facing its own challenges and working toward its own goals.  However, there are some things that all office communities have in common, like the strive for optimum productivity.

To achieve this, all offices need light. This might seem like a pretty basic issue in the scheme of things, but proper workplace illumination is not something to be taken lightly.

In a majority of work environments, the office is lit by an array of fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling.  When making this lighting choice initially, it might have seemed like the right call, what with fluorescent lighting being both a cost-effective and energy efficient option.  But what about the implications of lighting on employee productivity?

zira-1With their incessant hum and that nauseating flickering, old fluorescent bulbs can be so bothersome that they themselves become a workplace distraction.  Poor lighting can cast a glare on computer screens, distort the appearance of printed color, and make it generally difficult to focus, even causing headaches.  The wrong bulb can actually inhibit productivity, in effect costing your company money.

So how can you prevent these potential lighting problems in your office?  The experts at Office Space Planners can help you design the perfect workspace for your company, starting with an assessment of your lighting needs.  For most, the right combination of overhead lighting and desk lighting is of utmost importance.

By opting for a “daylight” fluorescent overhead, your office saves on energy costs without the harsh lighting of other fluorescent options.  Each desk also needs its own lamp to accommodate individual employee lighting preferences.  A compact fluorescent is an efficient choice, but for some an incandescent desk lamp would be more conducive to high productivity.  If possible, provide desk lamps with three brightness settings to allow for differing personal preferences, project needs, and even time of day.

The presence of natural light also plays a big part in workplace morale and productivity.  Whenever possible, Office Space Planners can help you design your space to maximize employee proximity to windows and natural lighting, among other key considerations.

With so much to consider when designing the perfect office space, don’t overlook lighting!

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