Foster Creativity in Your Office

The ideal office space provides more than just a space for employees to work in—it provides a place where employees can be content and productive while working. Modern trends in office design emphasize creating a quality work environment which allows employees to be efficient and happy. Here are some ideas on how to make your office a creatively inclined one:

-Allow your employees to personalize their spaces. Workers are most productive when in an office which feels to some degree like home. Encourage employees to bring personal items, photos, and other keepsakes which foster a community environment in your workplace. If you are truly adventurous, you may even allow employees to bring pets to work!

-Let employees choose their own means of being creative. Let them customize coffee mugs, arrange their office area at their discretion, and express themselves through their own design.

-Not all office conventions are correct—you don’t need one desk per person! At many offices, only a few desks are being used at a time, and many end up wasting valuable space and resources. Thanks to mobile technology, an elaborate desk and cubicle setup is not strictly necessary. Think about ways to plan your desk arrangement to economize!

-Zone your workspace. Urban planners consciously plan communities so that buildings with common functions are close together. Organize your office in a similar way and you’ll like the results! Place comfortable chairs together rather than spreading them out across the room, if you like. If an employee wants to grab a snack or coffee, put all food and drink options in the same place—just like placing several retail and food service outlets together in an urban zone, it caters to the consumer (or, in this case, employee) and makes his or her experience a positive one!

-Have concentrated work in mind when designing. Make sure that your workers have locations in which they can feel inspired to work for several hours uninterrupted. Small business owners in particular must cater to their workers’ focus and contentment. An arrangement of varying types of comfortable working areas will help immensely toward this aim.

Office design is a delicate art—a balance must be struck between a laid-back atmosphere which makes employees feel at home and a productive atmosphere which feels like work. At Office Space Planners, we have experience planning successful offices which strike this balance in all fifty states—call today!

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