For Your Employees, The Happier the Better

01You may have already heard that happy employees make for happy clients, and therefore better business.  But did you know just how big of a difference this can make?  There’s plenty of evidence to support the theory that a positive work environment directly results in increased profits, and when you look at the bottom line, a happy workforce is clearly the secret to success.

So, what can you do to keep your employees happy?


When surveyed, most employees seem to have their priorities straight when it comes to what makes them the most happy with their careers.  The consensus was quite reasonable in their responses, ranking a solid benefits package ta the top of their “happy” list.  Enabling your workers to take care of themselves and their families by offering an ample, yet reasonable benefits package will make all the difference.

Room for Growth

No one likes to feel like they’ve reached a dead end, and this is especially is true in the workplace.  We build our lives around our careers, and if it feels like our career is stagnant, there is little motivation to work hard.  By empowering your employees to take ownership of their roles in the success of the company and offering a chance for career advancement, you promote their overall happiness, and thus their loyalty and performance.

Well-designed Space

The number one company making the greatest effort to keep their employees satisfied is Google, and it’s no coincidence that they also have taken the most unique approach to office space design.  The campus at Google headquarters – known as the Googleplex – is known both for its laid back atmosphere and its content workforce.  While beanbag chairs and an on-site workout center might not exactly meet the needs of your business, professional office space designers can help you find the right approach.

According to Forbes, Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014 saw an average of 22.2%% increase in revenue last year, fostering business growth that required them to hire at a rate of five times the national average.  I’ll let you do the math for your company…  Any way you look at it, happier is definitely better!


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