Is Your Dining Area a Destination?

No matter the occasion,  when people gather together, they tend to flock to the kitchen.  It might have to do with how humans find comfort in being near food and drink when offered, and are naturally drawn to available refreshments.  We feel at ease in the kitchen because whether we are at home or at work, being near food makes us comfortable and happy.

mars-lounge-after-1Similarly, spontaneously providing snacks for your employees is a sure way to make any workday better.  Whether you bring in surprise donuts for the break room, or provide coffee and a fruit platter for your next meeting in the conference room, the presence of food will help make your team feel at home as well as appreciated.

The at-home-in-the-kitchen effect is not just about eating; the general feeling of being provided for lets people know that they are valued both for who they are and for the work that they do.  Aside from providing spontaneous snacks, you can make communicate your appreciation for your employees by making dining and break rooms into a space that they will enjoy being in.

Office spaces and communities come in all shapes and sizes.  While no two are alike, every office can benefit from a appealing dining area.  For kitchen loving people, having the opportunity to blow off steam and recharge in a welcoming space during a lunch break can be highly motivating.  Take a look at your company’s dining hall – does it inspire you?  If not, it might be time to transform your old cafeteria into a café nouveau.

To boost morale among the ranks, make your cafeteria, lounge, or break room into a desirable midday destination for your employees.  With the help of Office Space Planners, the ambiance in your office’s break spaces will rival that of popular eateries and a home kitchens, encouraging your team to say in for lunch.  Making lunchtime an on-campus affair means bringing your office community closer together, helping to build strong relationships among your staff that will in turn foster valuable teamwork and collaboration.

A strong team functions like a family, and the closest families gather together to exchange thoughts and ideas over during mealtime.  To give your office family a place to gather, call OSP today.  To see examples of how we’ve helped transform workplace dining areas, check out the before and after pictures of our recent projects.


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