Zany Office Design Ideas from Tech Giants

diviTechnology’s leading companies have many things in common. They were started by and are run by creative-minded hard workers, they constantly push the boundaries to stay on top, and they all add personal touches to their interactions. To find proof of this last point, one need look no further than the manner in which leading companies design their offices!

Many examples of inventive office design can be seen in the technology world. Here are a few examples of creative office designs:

-Google’s giant slides between floors. Google’s many office buildings are known for such quirks as slides that allow employees to take a fun, playground-style route between floors! Other Google office Easter eggs include fire poles, a cattle walkway, and more.

-Microsoft’s giant touchscreen-shaped tables. Table, tablet, same thing, right? Microsoft has some tables designed in the fashion of tablets peppered throughout its office buildings.

-Bowling alleys at the office, anyone? Infosys is known for encouraging athletic activity at the office, sometimes in unusual ways! The Infosys offices include such facilities as ping-pong and squash courts, a swimming pool, and a full-size bowling alley! Their offices have also been known to contain meditation centers.

-Groupon’s offices are full of modern interpretations of office design. For starters, the walls of some of their offices are decorated with postmodern color, design, and furnishing schemes.

-Need a break on the job? Facebook anticipates that its employees might. That’s why Facebook’s office comes with a fancy video game playing room, with arcade games, various consoles, and modern street art-inspired designs on the walls!

-Inventionland, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an obligatory mention on any list of creative office designs! Since Inventionland is the corporate headquarters of Davison Design & Development, and is the location of the company’s main brainstorming efforts, perhaps it is natural that an off-the-wall office design would be in order there. Inventionland’s office space is full of such crazy ideas as giant shoes (inhabited by old ladies, perhaps), other nursery rhyme imagery, postmodern optical illusion-inspired art and decoration, and mock lakes and harbors located within the workspace. Certainly some creative ideas here!

-Bahnhof, a Swedish Internet providing giant, has delightfully futuristic office designs. Some of them look directly out of a secret agent film, with cave-styled walls and ceilings, various flora and fauna gracing offices, and many more original innovations!

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