Setting up the Modern Home Office

homeoffice-writing-desk-e-by-huelsta-15Each year, an increasing number of employees in the United States are working from home. The appeal of merging one’s home and office is obvious: it eliminates the expenses and time loss of a daily commute, it allows employees a greater deal of freedom in their work and organization habits, and it reduces the need or temptation to frequently eat at pricey or unhealthy restaurants.

One of the little joys of a home office is the process of setting one up. Of course, it is much simpler to design a home office than a corporate one, but many of the same principles are valid for both! Here is a guide on setting up a home office:

-Start by listing the supplies that you need to get the office set up. This should be done before you even allocate a space in your home for the office, as the process of thinking of what your office needs often guides you toward the ideal location to set up the space. Common items for this list of fundamental office needs could be desks, computers, phones, office chairs, a reliable Internet connection, a lamp, and other items specific to the job you will be performing.

-Select an area of your home in which to set up the office. Of course, the location will be dictated by how much space you have available, but you should seek a place in your home that is quiet and offers privacy. A home office set up, say, next to a television set or a child’s crib is unlikely to provide the best working environment!

-Set up proper lighting for your office. Some people are dedicated fans of natural light, and if this is your preference, it would behoove you to have a lamp or overhead light provide it on a regular basis. For those who will take any light they can get, the options are wider and cheaper. Minimizing eye strain should be the goal of any office lighting plan.

-Perhaps the most vital step is to keep your office separated from your home life. This should be done both physically, by keeping the office separate from the rest of your home, and in your daily habits. Once you enter the office area, be sure that you are ready to work—don’t play games or talk with friends while using your designated office space, if you can avoid it!

Home office planning is a fun project to undertake, but trust the pros to design company office spaces. For all your office planning needs, consult Office Space Planners!

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