What are You Doing to Provide Safe Lighting and Prevent a Sedentary Work Space?

office-lighting-636The office is a necessity for many people to get work done. It provides a space where you can focus and collaborate with other like-minded coworkers. However, there are some health risks involved with certain office settings, according to Medical Express. David Ellis explores sitting and lighting in his recent article “Sitting and office lighting among work risks.” According to Ellis, “researchers at the University of Adelaide say office workers need to move more and sit less, and use warm-coloured lighting instead of blue-rich LEDs to help avoid some serious potential health risks.” Health is a very important thing to take into account when planning your office design. Experts at Office Space Planners are here to help you tackle this and many other office issues.

According to Ellis, long hours sitting can counteract regular physical activity. Those long hours are associate with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and fatigue. In addition, researchers found that “’blue light’ or ‘blue-rich’ white LED light sources can damage the retina with long-term exposure.” They suggest warm lighting, such as red, green, and even cool blue, because they’re more comfortable for reading and are safer for workers’ eyes.

Lighting and furniture layout are just a couple of the things we design for you at Office Design Planners. We have an expert team of designers and project managers ready to assist you with office planning, design, and project management. At Office Design Planners, we have decades of combined experience and education in the areas of interior design, space planning, computer aided design, drafting, corporate office relocation management, project management, ergonomics and systems furniture. We can do anything from planning a single room to coordinating the design and relocation of an entire business. One of the services we provide is commercial space planning. During this process, we document every aspect of the room or building, including structural walls, interior walls, furniture layout, furniture panel systems, filing systems, equipment and phone locations, voice and data connections, electrical wiring and outlets, demolished walls, carpet seaming, reflected ceilings, and lighting.

With Office Design Planners, we take everything into account to not just provide you with the most productivity and creativity, but the utmost safety. In our decades of experience, we understand that there are a bevy of factors that go into creating the ideal office space. No matter what office space needs you may have, go with someone who you can trust. Go with Office Design Planners!

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