Oxley and Paying Attention to Details During Expansion

2605.rathie_council1Expanding your business and building new offices is challenging enough on its own. When you’re expanding from London to Ireland, it doesn’t get any easier. Yet, this is the situation Oxley, one of the biggest developers in the world, faces as it prepares to build a nearly 650,000 square foot office space in Dublin, Ireland. According to Independent.ie, “As part of Oxley’s plans, the company will develop about 645,000 sq ft of office space which would hold about 5,500 workers. The company will also construct 200 apartments there… This is Oxley’s first investment in Ireland. The firm beat off five other bidders including Irish and international developers. The tender process itself was known as ‘Project Wave’. The North Wall Quay site is located within ‘Block 8’ of the Docklands Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) Planning Scheme and has been designated under the SDZ as a block with a ‘focus on employment’, NAMA said.”

With the change of scenery from London to Dublin, paying attention to the details when it comes to office space design is even more important. There are glaring, as well as subtle differences in the cultures of the two areas that designers need to be cognizant of. The best way to account for these differences is with a team of experienced designers and project managers such as the experts at Office Space Planners.

Using a worker-centered approach to office design is becoming increasingly popular. According to The Conversation, “What research to date does demonstrate is that the design of a workplace needs to accommodate not only the type of work that needs to get done there, but also the individual needs of the people who are completing that work. There is an increasing focus on objective measurement within the workplace, examining issues such as stress and productivity using physiological and neuroscience tests. Results have shown employees can be significantly stressed with detrimental effects on both well-being and performance, though they may not report feeling stressed in self-report research.”

At Office Space Planners, we specialize in a number of services, including commercial space planning. We provide a number of illustrations to document every aspect of your project, including detailed electrical, special mechanical, A/V, telecommunication and furniture requirement drawing packages for each room in the building to submit to your architectural firm. In addition, we also provide furniture selection and layout, power pole location calculation and design for the open office. Then we review power pole/ceiling conflict and resolve issues with an updated design.

Whatever office design needs you may have, you can’t go wrong with Office Space Planners!


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