Office Innovations on Display at Orgatec 2014

home6If you’re looking for the latest in office furniture, you might want to go to Germany. Sandler, a German nonwovens producer, recently put its latest nonwovens on display at Orgatec 2014. According to Innovation in Textiles, “In cooperation with renowned manufacturers of office furniture Sandler constantly works to perfect the sound insulating properties of its acoustic nonwovens. Sandler’s nonwoven panels put a damper on workplaces with a high noise level. Acoustically efficient back walls to office cabinets, suspended ceilings or partition walls create good conversational acoustics and a pleasant atmosphere. Printing and embossing motifs can even make these nonwovens sophisticated design elements, the company reports. Additionally, these versatile materials are also said to dampen machine noise in industrial environments.”

Sandler also decided to show off its office chairs and polyester nonwovens. As reported in the article, the chairs are ergonomically shaped and well cushioned, which leads to a much more comfortable workplace. The author writes, “Owing to its high recovery rate, the high-quality material retains its shape – no matter how many times a day we get up and sit down again. Air-permeable and breathable, Sandler nonwovens also contribute to an optimal micro-climate of the seat, for pleasant and productive working, in summer and winter, according to the manufacturer.”

Innovations from Sandler further emphasize the importance of furniture when it comes to office design projects. While it would be easy to see what’s trendy and choose those features for your office, you might not get the result you were hoping for. That’s why it’s essential to have an experienced team guiding you through your office design project.

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