Making the Most of Office Space: Maximalist Approaches

oki-printing-efficiencyIn an ideal world, every company would be free to roam in an office large enough to suit all of its needs and accommodate a significant number of new hires in the future. However, this is not reality—every office planners has constraints of some form or other to operate around.

Applying some principles of office economy to your office space layout will reap great benefits, though. It is possible to do more with less space in an office—here are some ways to get the most out of office space:

-Don’t let common areas go unused. There is no need to get too caught up in the restrictions of small private offices. After all, office spaces come with a great deal of open, common space! These areas can be used for meetings, appliances, tasteful decorations, and a great deal of other useful purposes.

-Use less paper. Of course, there is the obvious environmental detriment of paper waste from using too many paper products at an office. However, it is easy to forget how much physical space is needed to accommodate the necessary equipment to store and print paper! Printers, filing cabinets, and paper storage all use a great deal of space in an office. Try to do more of your work electronically.

-Hold meetings standing up. This will both reduce the need for costly extra ergonomic chairs in meeting rooms, and allow meetings to be held in smaller areas. In fact, the common areas, mentioned above, can be repurposed as meeting areas!

-Rid the office space of clutter. Clutter may be hard to define in this context, but we take it to mean extravagant allocation of space for mementos, amusements, and other non-work items. Of course the right balance must be struck, and break rooms can be wonderful things—but when employees with larger offices are filling two-thirds of their space or more with personal items, you have to question why you gave them so much space!

-Let there be light. Don’t allocate too much space for floor lamps—there are other, more cost- and space-effective ways to satisfactorily light an office space. Consider overhead LED lighting and LED desk lamps.

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