Don't Forget the Break Room…

It’s no secret that the key to the success of a business revolves largely around the happiness of its employees.  But happiness is a complex concept, and keeping employees content often means more than just allowing them a “casual Friday.”

mars-coffee-afterCountless studies have been conducted to determine the best office design and desk arrangement for optimum productivity.  The findings support the notion that the better the workspace serves the worker, the better the worker will serve the company.

Every detail has been considered for the best possible office design, including seating arrangement, desk orientation, light bulb wattage, natural light supply, and noise level, to name a few.  While each of these details make an important contribution to the overall ambiance of the office work environment, what about the break room?

A satisfied employee will be the most productive employee.  While it is true that an appealing workspace environment will improve your employees’ work experiences, that does not mean the recreational areas at your office should be allowed to fall into disrepair.

Breaking up long work days helps prevent burnout and keep productivity levels high.  To this end, allowing time for your workers to blow off steam and socialize during the workday is crucial.  For a proper break time, your team will need more than just a water cooler for standing around.

Whether taking a time out for coffee, or enjoying a lunch break, employees will want to be able to take a breather in a welcoming environment.  So when you are considering a new design approach for your office, don’t forget to give special attention to your cafeteria and break room!

Office Space Planners has helped a number of professional clients to find the perfect design solutions for their offices’ social spaces – explore before and after photos of some of our previous projects!   Call today so that we can design the right rec space for you.


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