Condé Nast Transitions into New Office Space in the New World Trade Center

world-trade-centerAccording to Erika Adams of Racked, Condé Nast employees began moving into the New World Trade Center on Monday, Nov. 3. With an article titled “No Fancy Architects Were Involved in Vogue’s New Office Design,” Adams alludes to the fact that Condé Nast took a decidedly different approach to their new space. Of course, it will be some time before we can assess whether it was a success or not. “Fancy” architects or not, making the move to a new office requires having a team of experts to make sure it’s designed for maximum productivity. At Office Space Planners, we have a team of expert designers and project managers to ensure success for your business.

With a host of different businesses and types of publications, Condé Nast could especially use experienced consultation. According to Adams, “The highest floor will house Condé Nast’s law firm, Sabin, Bermant & Gould. Condé Nast executives will be relocated to the 42nd floor, and Vanity Fair will live right below it on the 41st floor. The New Yorker has been assigned the 38th floor. Anna Wintour and her Vogue clan will be moved to the 25th floor.”

While there are unique needs for each business, there are some general guidelines to consider when designing your office space. The Next Web’s Amber Leigh Turner tackles some of these suggestions in an article titled “The perfect workspace: How to design an office that boosts productivity.” She first suggests looking at wall color. According to Turner, “With any kind of design, colors play an important role because they can often be directly tied to feelings. There is a large body of knowledge behind the psychology of colors that can help you pick the right paint color for your walls.” She also instructs readers to examine desks and chairs, lighting, and proper storage. Turner notes, “There are thousands of ways to store things for your office, but finding the most efficient and affordable options are key. Desk space is often limited, so finding other storage options that can help you de-clutter the desk space can help boost productivity as it will keep you from having to spend time moving piles around or finding something you need.”

With these suggestions in mind, you still need an experienced team to guide you through the process. The experts at Office Space Planners can save you a ton of time, money, and stress. Our team has decades of combined experience and education in the areas of interior design, space planning, computer aided design, drafting, corporate office relocation management, project management, ergonomics and systems furniture. Some of the services we provide include analysis, commercial space planning, project management, and move coordination.

Whatever office design needs you may have, you can’t go wrong with Office Space Planners!

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