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Affordable Interior Systems (AIS)

OSP can provide your workplace with the necessary furniture solutions through the superior quality of AIS products. We have a wide selection through our extensive catalogues. For more AIS product lines Contact Us for a consultation and quote.

Matrix Standard


Divi Product Line


The Matrix Standard system offers state-of-the-art data and power management capacity. Data or Power tiles can be placed virtually anywhere on the panel, maximizing performance and flexibility. Panels can accommodate up to 500 category 5 cables. The full-frame design means easy installation and specification. With over 11 tile options in a variety of sizes, Matrix has the most extensive selection of any frame and tile system in the market. Stack on options allow for unlimited design possibilities to create private office environments.

Divi is designed to be the most cost-efficient monolithic and segmented panel system on the market. It offers unrivaled benefits, including panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass and stack configurations. The universal hinge connection system makes Divi one of the quickest panel systems to install; its flexible polypropylene hinge ensures quick and easy panel connections. With this unique connection system, it's simple to construct 60/120 degree or 45/135 degree environments without unique connectors.